Beyond what the title suggests this musing is not about public utilities, or only for people who live in Florida.

This musing is an invitation to anyone who chooses to read and to accept this reminder that we are each here to learn that there is an incredible and Cosmic Power within us all. The conscious usage and direction of this internal Power is why we are here. It is the Only Power that will set us free. It is the misusing of this Power that has locked us in bondage. Mired in amnesia we have turned the Power of heaven into a nightmarish hell. Literally in the blink of an eye we can redirect this Power to turn that hell into a realm of all-inclusive heaven.

As long as we are dominated by externals we are blinded by misperception. We are fighting the artifacts of our own miscreation. We scream at effects as if they are independent of what we ourselves have done. This happens both individually and collectively.

While this manifest realm is governed by what seems to be two powers of darkness and Light, that experience is merely relative. There is light and the absence of Light. Even that description itself is relative. Light is always and ever present. Yet in our identification with density we cannot perceive it. It is never missing. We just misperceive it.

The realization of this all-inclusive Power is what salvation is all about. The re-establishment of vision is seeing what is not yet physically present. It is not what we see but how we see.

This is the task of the incredibly powerful.

This is far beyond “woo-woo” spirituality. It is far beyond just vision-boarding what you want. It is far beyond concept or positive thinking.

It is claiming radical responsibility for the Power that is within us. The Power we were made from and have been entrusted with. It is owning that every thought, feeling, word is a unit of Power that will always result in consequence.

When we come from egoic amnesia we misuse this power. When we demean and dehumanize we literally God-damn other Divine beings. We place ideology before the Power of the collective I am. We fight and we use our Power to augment the problems our own consciousness has miscreated.

When we consciously come from the authentic Power within, we literally bring forth the Godness of our True being. We see not only with our eyes. We engage the vision of our hearts. We do not deny injustice or tragedy. We transmute it with our unwavering presence. We are tireless in facing our own inner demons. We do it on behalf of all beings.

When others become less, we stand strong and become more. We care, we compassion, and we shine forth with a transformative Power. We use what we are in Truth to serve all living beings. This makes our every moment an act of service.

So, because I live in Florida, I am a utility of Power and Light generating from this place in geography. And that Power and Light shines holographically throughout the Universe. I am a channel for that Power here in this manifest realm. By staying awake to the Power within me I am a conscious contribution, moment by moment.

When I forget and begin to fight externals, I sense down in my body the disempowerment that registers as discomfort. I bless this signal, and I shift to reconnect and reaffirm that I am a channel and a being for this Power and Light to shine forth from within. I am grateful to know that though I can dim down, my Light can never be extinguished. Prayer reignites me and I align to shine again.

I am not responsible for this Power, yet I am accountable to it. I am here to humbly own this Power as my purpose and my passion. I use this platform to remind you that this same Power is also in you.

For Florida and for the globe, I am choosing to express and shine forth as Power and Light within this world. It truly is a moment by moment choice. It requires radical honesty, relentless humility, and vigilant visioning.

And it is a choice I was born to make.