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“Be Still”

31 Guided Meditations with Reverend Taylor E Stevens

“Be Still – 31 Guided Meditations” with Reverend Taylor E. Stevens

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This collection of 31 Daily Meditations provides you with a day-by-day spiritually supportive platform. These brief meditations, recorded live during Unity of the Palm Beaches Sunday services, are designed to align you with your I AM Presence. In doing so, they provide an inspirational springboard that supports you throughout your day.

Begin each day with one of these heart-opening and centering meditations. Let them serve as touchstones in your daily practice. As you allow the meditations to act as a vibrational tuning fork, you align and entrain with Source Frequency and Divine Consciousness.

Reverend Taylor E. Stevens is the Senior Minister at Unity of the Palm Beaches, one of the oldest and most progressive Unity churches in South Florida. Inspiring many with his passion, openness and authenticity, Taylor is a powerful speaker with a transformative message. His message is an invitation to move into a deeply intimate relationship with one’s Self and to the God Source within.

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