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Welcome to your Divine appointment!  Thank you for your interest in membership at Unity of the Palm Beaches; a unique and inclusive spiritual community dedicated to prayer, inspiration, spiritual education, and living these Truth principles that empower and transform our lives.

Unity is a safe place in which you will not be judged or criticized for being who you are. We believe that you are a perfect creation of the Divine.  At Unity, we are about liberation. We help each other to become more aware of the beliefs that are creating our reality. We give each other permission to decide for ourselves what we choose to believe – what works for us. We support one another in the exchange of old beliefs for new ones, as our spiritual awareness expands.

We trust in a God that knows exactly what  IT (He, She, Creator…) is doing. We realize that we can discern our own best interests when we are centered in the awareness of our Divine nature. We are confident that the new identity we find when we release erroneous beliefs knows exactly what is best for us and will lead us in a dance of life that brings health, wealth, and peace of mind.

Unity is a community of spiritual pioneers – bravely exploring a vista of unlimited spiritual possibility.  With Five Basic Principles we are prayerful, progressive, practical, positive and playful.

We would love to have you join us in exploring “abundant life” and sharing in this journey of spiritual evolution.

In Joy,

Unity of the Palm Beaches

BENEFITS of Membership:

  • A fuller voice in church matters through voting privileges at annual and special meetings.
  • Assigned Prayer Chaplain and monthly prayer calls.
  •  A stronger sense of belonging to and “ownership” of this spiritual community.
  •  The spiritual empowerment that comes of a stated commitment to action based on one’s inner guidance.
  • Expanded opportunities to develop one’s spiritual gifts and leadership abilities within this spiritual community.
  •  Membership in a family of like-minded individuals who support each other’s commitment to spiritual growth.