Welcome to the Unity of the Palm Beaches’ Prayer Library

In Unity we acknowledge and we celebrate the power of prayer. We acknowledge that prayer is how we align with and affirm the absolute Truths of what God is. We pray not to change outer conditions rather we pray to change consciousness and so to change ourselves. We allow for a shift in our thoughts, feelings and attitudes thus deeply knowing our connection within the spirit of God.

Prayer is most powerful when it is shared. Unity of the Palm Beaches strives to share prayer with as many people as possible. With this in mind we have assembled this Prayer Library.

As you read these prayers we encourage you to take a moment to drop down out of your mind and into your heart space. It is from this space where we are able to realize the true power of prayer.

We hope these prayers help you to realize the true nature of yourself and of this world: You are a Divine being in a Divine world experiencing Divine order.

As a start we share with you our Community Noon Prayer.

Community Noon Prayer

There is One Presence,
One Power, One Wisdom, One Creator
One God of Many Names:

All Peace, All Joy, All Life, All Light, All Love

This One Presencing Power is
Alive and Active in Me Now!

Whatever God is, I Am
Wherever I am, God Is
Because God Is, I am

And So It Is