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Volunteer Coordinator PAT BARNES

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each one of us has been blessed by God with a potential for greatness. Many of us strive to be fulfilled in that which is for our highest good. A desire to create and use our abilities, talents and skills is an innate part of our purpose. Unity of the Palm Beaches is a safe place which allows us to discover our inner passion.  We are called to use our gifts and talents in service to our community. Volunteering at Unity gives us this opportunity. Now is the time, begin today to build your spiritual future by using the loving resources God has given to you.

Volunteering is Love In Action
Love In Action is the service portion of Unity of the Palm Beaches. Basic to the success of Love In Action is the belief that active sharing of our God-given gifts in service is essential to our own spiritual growth.

Love In Action allows each of us to identify and develop our spiritual gifts, and to experience success serving in that gifted area. We believe each of us is a unique combination of talents essential to the unfolding of the Divine Plan and that all gifts are equal. Our “gifts” in full expression all come together for the good of ourselves and for the entire community of love and principle in action. The theory further supports the idea that when we serve in our gifted area, when we are doing what we love to do, there is no “burn-out.” Sometimes we need to do an inner search to identify and honor our gifts and to “know” our bliss(es). As the person’s needs are met, so then the church’s needs are met!

Areas of Service at Unity of the Palm Beaches

  1. HospitalityTeam
  2. Usher Team
  3. Visibility Team (A/V, Livestreaming, CD recording/duplicating)
  4. Bookstore Team / Office Support
  5. Sunday School / YOU
  6. Marketing Team
  7. Social Activities Team
  8. Musician, Choir or Soloist – see Rev. Taylor Stevens
  9. Platform Assistant & Daily Word Reader

Please obtain Volunteer Registration Form from the Admin Office in room 6 upstairs.


The following poem was written in honor of our volunteers and presented to them
at our Volunteer Recognition Picnic in the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens April 14, 2012

Our Volunteers
by Trish Yancey


Our volunteers are more than this community’s heart and soul…
You are the seeds that grow our message, and each one part of the whole.


So we asked you here today to share some fun and show our gratitude
For all the amazing gifts you give with love and an awesome attitude!


And as you tour the gardens today, you’ll see many symbols there…
Of what you mean to UPB, and how blessed we are you care!


There are six “Gateways” ever standing so beautifully strong and tall.
In them, we see our Board and how they support and guide us all.


We are blessed by wonderful Chaplains who hold us all in prayer,
We know with them we’re not alone, just call and they’ll be there!


The fountain’s waters pour forth, singing a beautiful melody…
Flowing with thanks for those who share their talents musically!


The sounds and sights of birds and leaves, clear and crisply on the move,
Bring to mind our audio visual team that keeps us in the groove.


In Youth and Family frogs remind us all to “Fully Rely On God”.
When you see them here, know that it’s for you that we applaud!


Everywhere you turn today flowers bloom because they know,
Our hospitality team brings fun and food that helps our community grow.


Our many classes, lectures and workshops are like the paths we follow today…
They may take different directions, but they all clearly show the way.


Throughout the garden you will find statues of people in different places.
They remind us our Spiritual Social Action team reaches many kinds of faces.


To create such beauty as this place takes so many different things…
It’s the same with Sunday service; it takes many hands each week to give it wings.


So many help behind the scenes in the administrative roles they fill…
Just as those that tend this garden make it beautiful, and always will!


As you gaze into the little pond and see your beautiful soul reflected there
Know that our community thrives because of you; you are the answer to our prayer!