Donations Welcome

One of our foundational principles in Unity tells us that as expressions and extensions of an all-providing and loving God, we are created to live a life in which all our needs are met easily and completely.

In order to experience this reality, we are invited to consciously utilize the Universal Law of giving and receiving. “As we give so shall we receive.” It is a simple and exacting Law. When we fail to give or when we give fearfully we are inadvertently blocking the flow of good in our lives by misusing the very Law that could just as easily prosper us.

Unity of the Palm Beaches is supported solely by the tithes and freewill offerings of the people we serve.

If you feel that you are being served by Unity we invite you to serve Unity by including your spiritual home in your giving.

Of this we are certain…your gifts to this spiritual community will return to you many fold. You will join us in discovering that it is impossible to out give God because you can only give within the Law that IS God! Prosperity will rush into your life as you learn to become a perpetual giver and a grateful receiver.
You can make donations in several ways:

In person at the church

Mail to the church
Unity of the Palm Beaches
1901 North Flagler Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Or by donating online via Credit Card or bank account

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Recurring Donations

Recurring donations are the easiest and most secure way to make automatic ongoing donations. You can give on Weekly or Monthly intervals.

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