Resist? It certainly seems that RESIST is the word that is dominantly trending in our culture at this time. It is a dynamic, a force that is activated against what is externally happening. It results in an internal reaction, a pushing against what is undesired. This can and does happen at both the individual and collective level. While it is my intention to live in as much non-resistance as possible I do not see resistance as an enemy. That would be resisting resistance, and a futile waste of energy and precious life force. Resistance is a masterful teacher when we begin to have a wakeful relationship to it. It is often said that what we resist, persists. That is an accurate summation of how this aspect of


My Words

MY WORDS I have long taught that people should always move with the flow of that which they love. It is only in retrospect I see that until I began being true to the song within my heart, really giving myself permission to sing that song out loud, that I began to come alive. I didn’t know that what I love could also invoke fear in terms of giving it expression. I let the fear stop me, assuming that it was a sign that I shouldn’t pursue what seemed to be seeking expression. When I began to realize that the fear was simply an energy related to my own expansion I began to use the fear as power, and the fear no longer used me. It was

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