THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS So, I begin to type these words on the twenty-fifth annual Unity World Day of Prayer. Some of you who receive these blog posts are connected to Unity and some of you are not. It isn’t particularly germane to what I feel called to say. Most people familiar with Unity think of it as an international group of churches and centers. That is accurate at the level of form. Our headquarters is a beautiful campus just outside of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The campus highlight is the several story high Unity Prayer Tower. It is the home of Silent Unity, which is for me the heart of what Unity is all about. And that brings me to what I feel called to say. Prayer has

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PLEASE REMEMBER THAT Please remember that the scarecrow was the smartest of them all. Please remember that the tinman felt and cried the most. Please remember that when push came to shove it was the lion who exhibited the most courage. Please remember that Dorothy never left her bed. Please remember that the entire odyssey was a dream that was meant to awaken personal empowerment. The scarecrow already had a brain. The tinman already had a heart. The lion already had courage. Dorothy was already at home. She already had the power within herself to recognize that fact. The power wasn’t in the shoes. The power was in her heart. In her wisdom. In her courage to embody it. She went through that entire dream just to

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